Advanced Clinical Mentorship 2020

*After much consideration, our Clinical Mentorship program will be postponed until either July of 2021 or November 2021, depending on what the next several months have in store for us. Stay tuned for new details that will be posted in the next coming weeks. Until then, keep studying. Keep practicing. And we will do our part to bring you a deep and meaningful program that will support your herbal evolution. 🌿🙏💫


  • 1 Year Program
  • 3rd Level Certification
  • November 2020 – November 2021
  • $2400

The Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions is very excited to announce it’s long-time-coming 3rd level program, which is an Advanced Clinical Mentorship. This program will be a year-long course that dives into the very spirit of herbalism, with an emphasis on deep healing, connection, and clinical study. This completes the journey for the herbalist seeking a solid foundation in the professional skills necessary to become a successful practicing herbalist.

Our first level Apprenticeship represents the Body. This level is hands-on learning. Making products, learning anatomy and physiology, meeting the plants. A wonderful introduction. 

The intermediate level Community Herbalist Training represents the Mind. We begin in the winter. It is a more introspective course. We begin learning how to read the body with facial, tongue, and pulse analysis. We learn how to perform an intake for someone seeking herbal guidance. We begin to understand more complicated health conditions. We give you the skills to be able to help others.

This 3rd level represents the Spirit. This levels focuses on internalizing the lessons of the first two courses, and the tone of this course takes on a more spiritual note. In this level you will attend a class once a month, perform case studies, commune with nature, read books, and attend clinics. Students will have 2, one hour check-ins with their assigned mentor each month, which can be done over the phone, on the computer, or in person. This allows for a deeper understanding of protocols and provides students a safe space for processing consultations and receiving constructive feedback.

We designed this course with the idea that it will be able to fit into your working and parenting life, so we hope that the schedule is accommodating to you.

This course will be led by local, clinical herbalists, Melanie Scofield, Jillian Twisla, and Steve Byers, along with guest teachers Madelon Hope (Director of the Boston School of Herbal Studies), Tommy Priester (Clinician, Shamanic Practitioner, and Owner of Bear Medicine Herbs), and Natalie DeNormandie (Herbalist, Landscape Architect, and Botanist.) Students will be awarded with a Clinical Herbalist Certificate upon the completion of this course.

Class dates and subjects:

  • November 14- Introduction class @ Hyllantree.  Grounding and Boundaries with Jillian.
  • December 12- Class at Earthwalk with Madelon Hope- Trauma and the Vagus Nerve.
  • January 16- @ Earthwalk with Melanie.  External Applications of Herbal Medicines.
  • February 20- @ Hyllantree with Steve. Body, Mind, Spirit therapeutics for healing the heart.
  • March 20- @ Earthwalk with Steve. Physiology of detoxification pathways.
  • April 17- @ Earthwalk with Melanie. Working with Addictions.
  • May 22- @ Hyllantree with Jillian- Plant Allies, Power Animals, Shamanic Journeying
  • June 19- @ Earthwalk with Natalie DeNormandie.  Plant Families. Botany for Herbalists
  • July 24, 25- Camping trip with Steve TBA. Stonington/Deer Isle
  • August 21- @ Earthwalk with Tommy Priester. Clinical Practice with Tommy.
  • September 18- @ Hyllantree with Jillian. Energy Body Anatomy.
  • October 23- @ Earthwalk with Melanie, Jillian, and Steve.  Student Presentations
  • November 20- @ Earthwalk with Melanie, Jillian, and Steve. Student Presentations. Graduation!!!

All classes are held from 10am-5pm except for the camping trip which will be announced.  Once students sign up we will send a detailed description of the classes, along with a list of books for reading assignments.  Students will receive book report forms, clinical observation forms and handouts at the first class in November.

Hyllantree classes are held in Hope, just 15 minutes from the Earthwalk School. Directions will be provided to students in the introductory letter.

To Register: One must be competent in the field of herbalism. A knowledge of the plants and working with others is required to join this course. Please contact us if you are interested!

Payments: We require a 50% deposit upon registration. After that we offer a payment plan: 6 installments of $200 a month January thru June.

Please reach out if you are eagerly anticipating this level of training and have questions!

Send us a message here to learn more about any of our programs.