Community Herbalist Training 2024


  • 2nd Level Certification Course
  • 6 Months January-June
  • $1150                                                                                                                                                   

To sign up for the Community Herbalist Training, students must have completed a first level Apprenticeship either through the Earthwalk School or through another comparable training/apprenticeship.

This certification course provides students with the skills they need to begin working as a Community Herbalist. After the completion of a first level apprenticeship, which represents the “body”, we now enter the “mind” with this Intermediate level training. We focus on deepening our understanding of chronic illnesses, furthering our knowledge of medicinal plants, and learning about the art of consultations. Students will learn how to create a client intake form, how to read the face, tongue, pulse, and nails as part of an intake. We place importance on learning the history of Western herbal medicine, drug/herb interactions, how to work with autoimmune conditions, how to support those with cancer, understanding the energetics of tissue states, and the legalities behind establishing a private practice. The core teachers for the Community Herbalist Training are Melanie Rose Scofield– Clinical Herbalist, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner ( and Earthwalk Director), Jillian Twisla– Clinical Herbalist and Ancestral Healing Practitioner, and Steve Byers– Clinical Herbalist and Internal Family Systems Coach. 

This course has two primary focuses: classes and clinics. The classes are held on 12 Saturdays from 10-4ish, which meet every 2 weeks with some exceptions.  Students will get 15 hours of hands-on clinical experience during class hours. Our clinics will be a combination of performing intakes on each other, and also bringing in clients from outside of our class.  Everyone will have an opportunity to play an active role in performing an intake, practicing diagnostic skills, formulating, and creating customized protocols. Given the fact that this course begins in the unpredictable Maine winter, snow dates will be arranged. Zooming into class will be an option for students are who sick, may have been exposed to Covid, or for some reason can’t make it to class.

Clinics are always supervised by an experienced Earthwalk teacher. Assignments, case studies, and required reading are also part of the course.

Students who complete this course will receive a Community Herbalist certificate. This certificate recognizes that you have put in the time, study, and practice to begin helping others. 

Tuition cost is $1150. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required at the time of registration. After the initial deposit, the course may be paid off in 5 deposits of $180. The first payment is due by the first day of class, and installments are due at the first class of each month thru May. The tuition fee covers materials and your course book. One additional book will be required, not costing more than $25. Once the course has begun, students must be financially committed to paying for the entire course. Please read our financial policy page for more details.

In order to receive a certificate, you must miss no more than one class. If another class is missed, the student must make up the class by  watching the recorded video and writing a page on it,  or some other arrangement that gets you caught up. We need to know that you know your stuff!

For more information about  payment plans, and our financial policies, please go here.

Thank you for enrolling in our program!  We are proud of what we offer and trust that you will acquire a well-rounded knowledge of what it means to be a practicing herbalist. ~Melanie 



Class/Clinic Schedule

  • January 13- History of Western Herbalism, The Code of Ethics, Reading the Body 
  • January 27- Greek Humoral System, The 6 Tissue States, Reading the Tongue and Nails
  • February 10- Chinese 5 Elements, Yin/Yang, Pulses 
  • February 24- Ayurvedic Principles, CLINIC 2PM 
  • March 9- Advanced Gut Health, Working with Inflammation, Auto-Immune Conditions 
  • March 23- Advanced Women’s Health, Herbs for Pregnancy, Herbs for Kids 
  • April 13- 10 Skillful Means for the Practicing Herbalist, Review Case Studies, CLINIC 2PM 
  • April 27- Lyme disease, CLINIC 2PM 
  • May 11- Chakra System and Intro to Energy Bodies, Review Case Studies 
  • May 25- Working with Cancer, Herb/Drug Contraindications, CLINIC 2PM 
  • June 1- Legalities of the Practicing Herbalist, Review Case Studies 
  • June 15- Final Projects Due, Surprises await, Graduation! 

We hope you will consider our school for your education in the herbal arts.  If you have any questions pertaining to this course, please use the contact form below or call Melanie @ 617-755-8063

Green Blessings!


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