Earthwalk teachers are passing down the wisdom of local and global herbal traditions to individuals, families, and aspiring practitioners. 

We offer classes, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities that explore a broad array of natural healing modalities to improve body, mind, and spirit.


This seven-month certification course provides students with a solid foundation in herbalism and prepares them for the Advanced Training.

Classes and Workshops

Earthwalk offers a variety of classes and programs throughout the year that appeal to both entry-level and established herbalists.

Melanie Rose Scofield

Melanie Rose Scofield is an herbalist, health educator, and the director and founder of the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions.

Medicinal Plant Walks

Earthwalk offers medicinal plant walks once a month from May thru September. Here we get to know the local plants and observe their natural growing patterns and habitats, while learning how to respectfully harvest and utilize the healing properties of the wild weeds growing all around us. We visit beautiful locations like MerrySpring Nature Center, Beech Hill, and Erickson Fields Preserve, all in Rockport.  Plant walks are $10 per person or $15 for a family.  We meet at different locations in Rockport every month.  The walks are Sundays from 10-11:30am.  Below are the dates for 2017.

May 28th- Erickson Fields Preserve, Rockport

June 25th- Erickson Fields Preserve, Rockport

July 16th- Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport

August 20th- Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions, Rockport, ME

September 3rd- Merryspring Nature Center, Rockport




Children’s Herbal Play

We are very excited to announce that the Children’s Herbal group will be teaming up with the Riley School Summer Camp program. Melanie will be offering 2 solid weeks of herbal and nature based activities for kids.  This will include wandering through fields, learning to identify the plants, harvesting the plants, drying them in the greenhouse, and processing the plants for herbal teas, oil, salves, bug sprays, and herbal honeys.  We will honor the earth with native american drumming and singing, learn to make and use a talking stick, create leaf rubbings, and more! This is a program that really gets kids connected to the earth and all her magic.





Herbal Apprenticeship 2017

Our program begins on May 13th and meets two Saturdays a month through November 18th.  Students get hands-on experience making tinctures, teas, oils, salves, flower essences…etc, and are exposed to various herbal traditions including Chinese, Ayurveda, and Western herbalism.  Each month we cover a different body system and the herbs that nourish and support it.  Clinical diagnostic skills, including facial and tongue analysis, are taught to students. These provide a system for determining internal imbalances so that we may better choose the correct herbs to address specific conditions.  Throughout the course we will learn to identify and harvest local medicinal plants and each person will study one herb per month as a homework assignment.  Students are awarded a certificate in herbalism upon the completion of their training.  This course is led by core faculty Melanie Rose Scofield and Jillian Kelsey-Rose, with an occasional guest teacher and field trips.  Tuition cost is $950.  Payment plans are available.


Below are the dates for the 2017 Herbal Apprenticeship:

May 13, 27 (digestive system)

June 3, 17 (respiratory system)

July 1, 22 (cardiovascular system)

August 5, 19 (nervous system)

September 2, 16 (reproductive systems)

October 7, 21 (endocrine and immune systems)

November 4, 18 (urinary system, GRADUATION!)

*Classes will be held at Melanie’s home in Rockport.  Apprenticeships are life changing experiences and we look forward to sharing this incredible journey of healing with you!  For more information, please email us directly, or call Melanie @ 617-755-8063


Earthwalk Teachers


Melanie opened the doors of the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions in 2015- Midcoast Maine’s very own herbal school!  Melanie has a background in nutrition, herbs, and energy medicine. In 2005 she completed her nutritional consultant training with the Global College of Natural Medicine, as well as her first apprenticeship with the Boston School of Herbal Studies. In 2007 she completed her Advanced Clinical Herbalist Training, also with the BSHS, and since then has been leading apprenticeship programs in the Boston area.  She feels incredibly blessed to have worked with such gifted teachers who have helped to shape her into the teacher she is today: Madelon Hope, Tommy Priester, Matthew Wood, Linda Patterson, Rocio Alarcon, Margi Flint, Kurt Leland, and many others. Melanie’s main passion is teaching others to cultivate their innate wisdom and fine tune their own intuitive abilities. In addition to rambling on about herbs and all things healthful, she enjoys spending time with her family in Rockport, playing the bass guitar with local funk band, Bottomless Funk, or boogying down with fellow African drummers and dancers.  Melanie is available for private health consultations and for teaching workshops.



Jillian Kelsey-Rose is an herbalist, health educator, passionate gardener and mama. She has a background in clinical herbalism, naturopathy, permaculture and plant mysticism. She studied Naturopathy and traditional European herbalism at Southern Cross University in Australia and has been lucky to learn from many incredible American herbalists as well. Jillian’s clear and grounded teaching approach is deeply appreciated and we at Earthwalk are honored to have her on board as core faculty. She co-facilitates the Advanced Level Training and also helps out with the Herbal Apprenticeship.  Jillian lives close to the Earth with her family in Hope, Maine, where she offers classes and occasional consultations.

Advanced Herbal Training 2018

This certification course provides students with the skills they need to begin working in a clinical setting.  We focus on deepening our understanding of chronic illnesses, furthering our knowledge of medicinal plants, and learning about the art of consultations. Students will learn how to create a client intake form, how to read the face, tongue, pulse, and nails as part of an intake. We place importance on learning drug/herb interactions, how to work with autoimmune conditions, how to support those with cancer, understanding the energetics of tissue states, and the legalities behind establishing a private practice.

This course is divided into 2 parts: classes and clinics.  The classes are held on 7 Saturdays from 10-5.  These constitute the bulk of our lessons.  The clinics are held once a month on a Wednesday evening from 6-9.  Students will get 15 hours of clinical experience in which everyone gets an opportunity to play an active role in giving an intake, practicing diagnostic skills, formulating, and creating customized protocols.  Clinics are always supervised by an experienced Earthwalk teacher.  Assignments and required reading are also part of the course.

Students who complete the Advanced Herbal Training will receive a Clinical Herbalist certificate.  Tuition cost is $795.  Payment plans are available.

To sign up for the Advanced Training, students must have completed a first level Apprenticeship either through the Earthwalk School or through another comparable training/apprenticeship.

Classes meet on these Saturdays: January 27, February 17, March 10,  March 31, April 21, May 5, May 19

Clinics meet on these following Wednesdays: January 31, February 21, March 14, April 25, May 9

We hope you will consider our school for your education in the herbal arts.  If you have any questions pertaining to this course, please use the contact form below or call Melanie @ 617-755-8063

Green Blessings!



Upcoming Workshops and Events!

*Medicinal Plant Walk- September 3, 10:00-11;30.  We are meeting here at Merryspring Nature Center in Rockport.   $10 per person or $15 for a family.  Plant walk led by Melanie Rose Scofield.

*Tuesday Clinic– Every Tuesday Melanie offers 2 discounted Whole Health Consultations- 10am and 1:30PM.  These sessions are reserved for low-income households/individuals in an effort to make holistic health services more available to everyone.  Please contact Melanie to reserve your space today or visit the Facebook page for more information. Cost is sliding scale $55-75 which includes the cost of the herbs.

*Stress, Panic, and the Vagus Nerve- September 30th. Join Madelon Hope from the Boston School of Herbal Studies in this advanced level workshop.The vagus nerve is central to how our bodies deal with trauma. In this workshop, we will look at the role of the vagus nerve in supporting social engagement and activating fight or flight or freeze patterns in response to stress. We will explore how to integrate new paradigms in neurobiology with traditional herbal practice. We will discuss nervines, shen tonics, lymphatic decongestants, alteratives and blood movers – to help heal responses to trauma and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. $35 per person. RSVP 617-755-8063*

* Enrollment for the Advanced Level Training- October 1st!  We will begin accepting student applications.  Enrollment closes January 15th 2018.  Please contact Melanie for more information.

For more details on these classes, please visit the Facebook events pages. Call or email to reserve your space.

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